Screen Juniors class of 2012

Screen Juniors class of 2012

Red Carpet Premiere of Screen Junior Films

The cinema at mac birmingham played host to a glitzy premiere on Thursday 29th March. The stars and creative teams of A Disappearing Adventure, The Money Takers! (A Johnny Rude Adventure) and The Queen’s Cake Caper were out in force to celebrate their screen debuts.

The films were enjoyed by a captive audience of VIPs, teachers and parents.  An emotional Mathew Beckett, filmmaker for the project, commented “i’m just so proud of what these talented children have achieved and hope that this will be something they will continue to celebrate with their friends for many playtimes to come” 

Alex McCorkindale, Producer at mac birmingham enthused “Wow, what a brilliant event! It’s always so exciting to showcase work in the place it was made. These fabulous films were all produced, filmed and edited here at mac birmingham, and we are very privileged to have worked with such talented young directors, actors, producers and camera operators.”

Check out the BAFTA award winners of the future. (Better photos to come soon!)

To take a look at the films click on the links above or the posts below.

A Disappearing Adventure

When something out of the ordinary happens to a group of children at Mosque one day their desire to see a clean and rubbish free planet earth sends them on a global adventure.

The Money Takers! (A Johhny Rude Adventure)

It’s 2012 and there is a worldwide money shortage. Johnny Rude and his team of special kid secret agents meet to find out what the parents have done with all the money.

The Queen’s Cake Caper

Whilst taking a break one day from the busy job of reviewing London restaurants, a food critic reads about the tastiest cake ever made by the Queen’s head chef. Through a chance encounter with an invisible wizard the critic devises a cunning plan to get himself a taste!

See how we made our films

All the work is done…  Next stop the Film Premiere!

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Screen Juniors finish shooting

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Starbank and Somerville Schools complete shooting of their film

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Screen Juniors celebrate the end of the shoot

Screen Juniors celebrate the end of the shoot

The Queen, the food critic and the very tasty cake!

The Food critic gets greedy! Our junior filmmakers are really in the swing of it now.  Lights, Camera, Action! were nearly there…

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